Uummannaq flightseeing

Uummannaq means 'heart-shaped place' as it is located on an island at the foot of a heart-shaped mountain. The Fjord of Uummannaq boasts ten active glaciers, which produce many huge icebergs.

On this flight you will experience the magnificent nature surrounding Uummannaq. The experienced pilot will make sure that you get the best out of the time spend in the air.

Now you have seen much of the area from sea why not treat yourself with the experience of a helicopter flight so you can see Uummannaq from above.

You will be set off near a glacier on the peninsula Nuussuaq just across Uummannaq. There you will enjoy the magnificent view from 1200 – 1700 meters altitude.

There is a 10 min. walk from the tender jetty to the heliport. Easy walking on paved road.

Duration 5 min. flight to glacier and 5 min. back. Passengers will stay at glacier more than 30 min.
Difficulty Everybody can join. Min/Max 30/No max



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