Palasip Qaqqaa – The Priest Mountain

Probably one of the most difficult yet doable hikes offered to cruise guests visiting Greenland. Palasip Qaqqaa is a 550 m high mountain a few kilometers from down town Sisimiut. The tour begins at the harbor where guests are transported by bus to the starting point of the hike.

The first part of the hike is along a small river with fresh drinking water – so remember a drinking bottle. During the hike there are big chances of experiencing thelocal flora. Chances of seeing Foxes, Grouse and Eagles are also present. A few years ago Musk-Oxen were even seen near the top!

Most of the way there is a beautiful view of Sisimiut. From the top there is a fantastic view of Sisimiut, the surrounding fiords and the sea. If we're lucky we might see a plane arriving or departing from the airport at the foot of  the Mountain.

Duration      3-5 hours.
Difficulty      Hike with steep increases. There is a path all the way.
Min/max       15 pax/No max capacity.
Important    Weather can change quickly so remember a light jacket. Hiking boots are necessary. Mosquito nets are also a good idea.


Historical hike/walk to The Tele Island

Take a hike/walk to the place where it all started 4000 years ago.  Different Inuit cultures used this place as hunting grounds for many years. Learn about the way they lived as we walk past turf hut ruins and a burial ground.

Before getting to the place we will pass the harbor, the arts and craft shop, the local kayak club and the huge oil tanks containing oil and gasoline. Our guide will speak about most of the things we pass on the way and everyday life in Sisimiut.

From the Tele Island there is a beautiful view of Sisimiut with the 785 m high Mountain Nasaasaq in the background. Nasaasaaq is the landmark of Sisimiut.

Duration      2-2½ hours.
Difficulty      Fairly easy walk/hike. But for people not used to hike off road some minor difficulties might occur.
Min/max       15 pax/25 pax. Max 3 groups per rotation..
Important    Bring a light jacket since weather might change. A mosquito net is also a good idea if there are no winds.


Sightseeing by bus

For those who really don't feel like walking or hiking or for those who just want to experience ALL of Sisimiut in short time.

On the tour the local guide will tell about everyday life in Sisimiut as well as the history of the city and the different buildings and places we pass. The tour includes two stops where passengers get the chance to get out of the bus for 5-10 minutes. One of the stops is just outside the city where most of the sled-dogs are placed. If we're lucky we'll get the chance to say hi to small puppies that run around. The second stop is at the top of Sisimiut from where there is an incredible view of the sea and the Mountains south of Sisimiut.

Duration      1½ hours.
Difficulty      Everybody can join.
Min/Max      20/30. Normally we have two buses available.


Visit to Assaqutaq

Assaqutaq is an abandoned village about 10 km by boat from Sisimiut. Assaqutaq was established when the fishing in Greenland was great. Assaqutaq was abandoned in the 1960s and 1970s when the fish disappeared from the area. With the closing of fish factory the inhabitants were forced to move to the city where there where jobs.

Some of the buildings that are left in Assaqutaq are in pretty good condition. Especially the cozy little church and buildings used by kinder gardens and primary schools.

On the boat tour to and from Assaqutaq chances of seeing humpback whales are pretty good. If we spot one or more and if we have time we will enjoy the magnificent experience it is to see the whales.

Duration      2 hours. About 1 hour in Assaqutaq.
Difficulty      Easy. By very low tide transport from the tour boat to the tender jetty might be by a smaller boat.
Min/Max      12 pax per boat. 2 boats normally available. 1 fast boat and 1 slow boat.
Important    Remember a light jacket since weather might change. Mosquito nets are also a good idea.


A Taste of Greenland

Meat from marine mammals, game, birds and fish has been the main ingredient in Greenlandic food for generations.

As a guest at Greenlandic eateries it is possible to taste traditional Greenlandic food - often as part of the highly regarded Greenlandic buffet. The majority of restaurants also have international menus that use Greenlandic ingredients.

Food made from Greenlandic ingredients is always a culinary experience and the ingredients are often organic, since fish, game and marine animals roam free in their natural environment and are not given artificial feed or flavorings.

Duration      1 hour.
Difficulty      Everybody can join.
Min/Max      25/70 pax per rotation.
Important    Water is included in the price. Other beverages can be bought.
Menu            Please ask for menu.


Kayak (Qajaq) show

The local kayak club is the oldest in Greenland and some of the members are among the best in Greenland.
Treat your passengers with a kayak show with a traditional kayak.

Duration      About 15-20 min.



Our local choir performs in traditional national costumes which is a beautiful experience.
The choir normally consists of 10-15 singers and they perform on the Museum area as well as on the ships.

Duration      20-30 min. About 4 songs.


Shuttle service

Tele Island




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