Hike to Red river in Blæsedalen

Blæsedalen (Greenlandic: Itinneq Kangilleq) is a large glacial valley on Disko Island, Western Greenland. The north-south U-formed valley features include icing ridges and a braided river system Røde Elv (red river) has red sediment, which colours its water. The valley is situated north of Qeqertarsuaq and stretches northward approximately 30 kilometres (19 mi) to Kangerluk. The valley is fed by outlet-glaciers from Lyngemarkens Iskappe. Between Blæsedalen and Grønlænderhuse, there is evidence of Paleoinuit and Thule Culture habitation.

Before reaching the path that'll take us to the waterfall we'll pass through most of Qeqertarsuaq town where the local guide will tell you about the history of the town and some of the buildings on the route.

Duration      2-3 hours

Walking on paved road and a path in slightly difficult terrain for those not used to hiking. It is easy enough to turn around if one wishes to.
Min/max       10/25 per guide
Important     Wear good hiking shoes/boots


Dog Sledding in Qeqertarsuaq

Dog sledding is, no doubt, a classic way to experience Arctic nature, but what the unsuspecting visitor does not know, and what is unique about dog sledding in Greenland, is that a heavy dose of Inuit culture comes along for the ride.

Dog sledding helps tell the story of how Greenlanders adapt to the robust environment that surrounds them. Contrary to other Arctic locations, dog sledding in Greenland is a way of life, by choice if not by necessity. Living in and off of the nature is central to Greenlandic identity, and therefore when you are close to the nature, you are also close to the Greenlandic culture.

You'll be flown to the top of the 900 m high mountain where the dogs are waiting for you.

A dream is about to come through...

When the tour is over you'll spend some time on the top of the mountain enjoying the fabulous view of the Disco Bay.

Then it is time to enter the AS-350 helicopter and fly back down to the Qeqertarsuaq heliport.

Duration      3 min. up and 3 min. down. 30-60 min. dogsledding.
Min/max      30 passengers to the top. No min for dogsledding.


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