Helicopter tour with Bell 212 – 9 seater.

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City Walk

Qaqortoq rises quite steeply over the fjord system around the city, and on hot summer days you may be tricked into thinking that there is a sub-arctic Riviera, a special Greenlandic version with icebergs in the bay and frolicking whales in the fjord, instead of sandy beaches, palm trees and over-population.

Qaqortoq is best seen on foot, which does say something about the size of our towns considering Qaqortoq is the largest in Southern Greenland.

On the tour through Qaqortoq we'll pass the only fountain in Greenland and we'll be visiting both churches if they're available for visits. The tour ends at the museum where guests can visit it by themselves.


Visit a local family – Kaffemik

Kaffemik is a Danish word that refers to the Greenlandic social gathering. On important occasions as birthdays, confirmations, weddings and a child's first-day of hunting, Greenlanders have a kaffemik whose host provides various kinds of cakes and food along with tea and coffee. Sometimes it takes about a week only to prepare the food for the kaffemik, as more than 100 friends and families constantly come and go throughout the day and share the news of their lives. Guests usually bring gifts to the host.

Duration          About 1 hour at the host
Difficulty        Easy – there is a 15 min. walk to the host
Min/max          10/15 at a time


Hike along the great lake – Tasersuaq

Join us on a fairly easy hike to the bottom of Tasersuaq – a lake located a couple of kilometers from Qaqortoq.

Before reaching the starting point of the lake we'll pass through Qaqortoq's city center.

At the bottom of the lake we'll take a short break and enjoy nature and the beautiful view of Qaqortoq.

Duration      About 4 hours
Difficulty      Fairly easy. Walking on a path most of the time
Min/max      10/25 per group



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