Sightseeing by bus

Nuuk is the capital of Greenland, where old and new meet in their unique Greenlandic fashion. A short walk from the Colonial harbour with its beautiful old buildings, to the centre, leads to the newly renovated and roof-covered "brættet", where the day's catch of seal, birds and fish are sold. Other attractions in the town include the award-winning culture centre Katuaq, the University of Greenland, the cathedral from 1849, as well as the National Museum, where the city's visitors can spend hours delving into Greenland's history.

Duration      1½ hours.
Difficulty      Everybody can join.
Min/Max      20/120 pax per rotation.


Sailing trip in the fiords of Nuuk – the second largest fiord system in the World

If the weather's good, you mustn't miss out on a sailing trip on the fiord. An enormous fiord complex, which is ideal for sailing trips, surrounds the town. The trips give a feeling of getting away from civilization and out into the wilderness. After a short period of sailing time, Nuuk disappears from view, and instead you see only the steep mountainsides towering up and their reflections in the water. During the summer there are also really good chances of spotting whales in the fiords. The curious and playful whales are a quite unique experience which you shouldn't miss out on.

Duration      2 hours.
Difficulty      Everybody can join.
Min/Max      12/12 per boat. Normally 5 boats will be available.
Important    Remember warm clothes.


Helicopter tour to Sermitsiaq

Sermitisaq is the landmark of Greenland’s capital, Nuuk. It is situated about 15 km from Nuuk. Sermitsiaq which means eternal ice is just about 1.200 m high.
On this tour you will be driven to the airport from where you will enter either a AS-350 or a Bell 212 helicopter that will take you to the top of Sermitsiaq.
On the tour to and from Sermitsiaq there is a beautiful view of Nuuk and the view from Sermitsiaq is just spectacular.

Duration       About 50 min. incl. 25 min. ground stop on the top
Difficulty      Everybody can join
Min/Max       Depends on the helicopter. AS-350 is 5 pax and Bell 212 is 11 pax

View from Sermitsiaq.

Nuuk Fiord


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