Boat tour to the Qooroq Ice Fiord

The boat takes us close to amazing icebergs run aground on the moraine at the mouth of the Qooroq Fiord.
We will enjoy the breath taking view of the glacier that delivers 200.000 tons of ice a day.

During the tour your guests will be served a cocktail on the rocks – off course the rocks are the purest glacier ice.

Duration      1½ -3 hours (depending boats. There slow and fast boats.)
Max              300 pax
Important    Remember warm clothes.


Settlement of Eric the Red – Qassiarsuk (Brattahlid)

Today sheep farmers are working on exact the same land as the Viking Eric the Red. He settled here more than 1000 years ago. Join in on a guided walking tour in that beautifully links together old history and modern living. With the reconstruction of a Norse longhouse and the church the picture is completed.

Duration      3 hours.
Min/Max      20/60 pax per rotation.
Transport    Ships own tender-boats.


Helicopter Tour

It is truly an amazing experience to fly over glaciers, blue fiords and lush valleys. Pictures of amazing landscapes and ice will be in your mind forever. The helicopter brings you to the edge of the icecap overlooking an endless landscape of ice.

Duration      20 minutes flight time. Helicopter AS-120.
Min/Max      4/4 pax per flight.
Important    Remember camera!


Hiking trip on the ridge

The tour along the ridge is a short hike 5 – 6 kilometers with a fantastic view over the valley, the Narsarsuaq River and Glacier and not at least the Ice Cap. We follow the gravel road among small birches and willow trees. In the Hospital Valley the Americans built a hospital with 250 beds during WWII. Today only a lone chimney remains. The impressive Narsarsuaq River with melting water from the ice cap is running into the fjord. Maybe the white-tailed eagle will hover over us. Your guide will tell about the ice cap, the local glacier and life in Narsarsuaq now and then. Hike: Level 4 we walk on gravel roads and paths, a few steep ascents and descents occur as well. We recommend good walking shoes.

Duration       3 hours.
Min/Max       20/36 pax per tour.


Narsarsuaq guided sightseeing by bus

Narsarsuaq was founded by the American Air Force in 1941 when they built an air base in the region code named Bluie West One. During WW II this base played a major role for troops heading to or from Europe. With more than 2000 inhabitants it was an active society. Today the area has 160 inhabitants; most are employed by the airport authorities. The trip includes entrance to the local museum with a fine military history exhibition.

Duration     1 hour.
Min/Max     20/36 pax per tour.
Important    Please ask to be driven back to the ship after visiting the Museum.

Narsarsuaq Sightseeing

Qooroq Ice Fiord

Settlement of Eric the Red

Helicopter Tour

Narsarsuaq Hiking


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