Iceberg Cruise

Guests will disembark directly from the ship to the tour boats and sail into the mythical world of ice. This tour will be an amazing experience. In the small tour boat it is possible to go very close to the icebergs giving you an opportunity to study the structure and colours of the ice.

Duration      1 hour.
Min/Max       8/30 pax per tour.
Important    Remember warm clothes.


Helicopter Tour

Crossing the ice fully Bredde fiord to the edge of the Greenland Ice cap.

Duration     20 minutes flight time. Helicopter AS-120
Min/Max     4 pax per flight.

PS. min of 4 flights (the helicopter is not based in Narsaq).


City walk

On this city walk you will get a feeling for life in a small Greenlandic town. 1600 inhabitants call Narsaq home. We will visit the open fish market – where fishermen come every day to sell their catch of fresh fish and seal meat. We pay the local church a visit. The design of the church was inspired by the traditions of the German Moravian missionaries. The tour ends at the museum with interesting exhibition of local life through the ages.

Duration      2 hours
Min/Max      10/20 per guide


Taste of Greenland

A taste of the most of the Greenlandic food at Narsaq Hotel.

Min               50 pax.

Please ask for menu.

Taste of Greenland

Iceberg Cruise

Helicopter Tour



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