A day with Culture.

Nanortalik stands on an island, literally and figuratively. Though it sits deep in South Greenland, whose reputation is as an idyllic paradise with fields of colorful flowers, Nanortalik breaks the mold. Its vertical walls that flank an intricate fjord system hint at a nature more akin to Greenland's east coast. Add to that the expanse of sea ice just outside the harbor and the cultural migration of East Greenlanders to Nanortalik's villages, and what you find is that Nanortalik is quite unique for South Greenland.

Like most islands, the journey to Nanortalik is involved, but the welcoming and friendly atmosphere that awaits you in town is worth the trip. As we Greenlanders say, once you have reached Nanortalik, it's like returning to your childhood home. Come to Nanortalik to explore wild mountains and find the hometown you never knew you had.

With true Greenlandic character, Nanortalik locals are charming and friendly. Whether you meet casually around town or over a feast of traditional Greenland gastronomy, Greenlanders are keen to lend a helping hand or extend an invitation to a choir performance. Choir singing is identifiably synonymous with Nanortalik, and thanks to a handful of groups in town, you have ample opportunity to experience this exclusive Nanortalik tradition.

The Nanortalik Museum pays homage to the colonial era and Old Norse culture, answering most questions about the town and its beginnings as a commercial spot. But one question remains in the air – how did a natural rock near to the church come to have an uncanny affinity to the great polar explorer, Knud Rasmussen? Perhaps when you visit Nanortalik you can uncover the story behind the stone.


Arrangement for the entire ship:

  • Choir
  • Kayak demonstration
  • Umiaq demonstration
  • Open museum
  • Folk dance


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